2 Norte No. 1210, Col. Jacarandas C.P. 75730 Tehuacán, Pue. México. +(238) 38 46929 teachersupervisor@helpenglish.org.mx


Designed for college students or recent graduates who want to experience Mexico and serve the local community while they prepare themselves professionally.

Help’s TESOL Certification Program is specially designed for:
- People who want to become TESOL certified and get real in-class experience.
-Recent college graduates who want to make Mexico the first step on their international journey.
-Those making a career change and think teaching abroad is the right choice.
-Teachers-in-training who want to garner real, practical experience in a classroom.
- College students who are preparing to apply for admission into an Education or Master’s Degree Program and want to add something spectacular to their portfolio.
- Adventurers who want to spend a semester abroad on a reliable, safe and worthwhile program that allows them to serve and learn at the same time.

Heslington is unique because:
- We are affiliated with the International Institute of Education (www.iie.latinamerica.org) – a part of the US Embassy in Mexico’s education department. - - We are certifying partners with American TESOL (www.americantesol.com).
- We have over 15 years of experience hosting more than 1000 international students and teaching professionals.
- We not only offer a semester of service abroad, but a semester invested in personal and professional development.